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Monday June 24, 2024
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Press Release - Web Site - December 13, 2004

NewAce Corporation
P.O. Box #456 STN MAIN
Sarnia, ON N7T 7J4


Sarnia, ON, December 13, 2004 - NewAce Corporation today announced the launch of its new Web Site dedicated to providing comprehensive information and tools to allow its customers to get the most out of its products and services.

The Web Site,, offering Dynamic DNS and related services under the name PlanetDNS, has been completely revised and provides for better online support tools, including tools to determine the correct operation of end-user server software from the Internet, searchable Knowledge Base articles and Frequently Asked Questions.

The company's product manuals have also been made available online, and are fully searchable.

"We wanted to reduce the time our customers were spending looking for answers", says Stephan Edelman, CTO of NewAce Corporation. "We believe that we have accomplished this by compiling our past support inquiries into a comprehensive and searchable FAQ and supplementing more challenging subjects with online tutorials and Flash demonstrations", says Mr. Edelman.

The company also introduced its new Customer Care Online portal, enabling its customers to manage PlanetDNS accounts and associated software configuration options online, including viewing and managing of mail relaying queues and account renewal and billing history.

About PlanetDNS
PlanetDNS, a division of NewAce Corporation has been providing reliable Dynamic DNS and related services since 2001. Its products and services are used by individuals and small to medium-sized organizations in over 50 countries as a cost-effective alternative to expensive dedicated Internet access. For more information, visit the PlanetDNS Web Site at

About NewAce Corporation
NewAce Corporation applies value-added technologies to the process of bringing new information systems and services to global markets. For more information, visit the NewAce Corporation Web Site at

Phone: (519) 336-4837
Fax: (519) 336-4046


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