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Monday June 24, 2024
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Press Release - July 1, 2002

NewAce Corporation
P.O. Box #456 STN MAIN
Sarnia, ON N7T 7J4


Sarnia, ON, July 1, 2002 - NewAce Corporation today revealed two new companion products to its global dynamic DNS services.

The first product, named PlanetSiteServer, is a Windows based product that allows individuals and businesses to run their own web-site directly from a highspeed cable or DSL Internet connection.

This product includes a high-performance web server with built-in support for the popular PHP script processor allowing anyone to quickly and easily create sophisticated web-sites without having to do any additional configuration.

"This product includes everything that's needed to get individuals and businesses to host their own web-site in minutes, even if you are using an Internet connection with a changing IP address.", says Andre Edelman, President & CEO of NewAce Corporation.

"Bringing your web-site in-house by running your own web server greatly increases flexibility, control, security and significantly reduces monthly hosting costs, as your website can use as much space as your hard drive will permit.", says Mr. Edelman.

The second product, named PlanetRemote™, is a Windows based product that allows an individual to take control of their computer remotely from anywhere on the Internet using a standard web browser.

"This product is ideally suited for consultants who need to assist their customers remotely, greatly improving overall customer service and reducing response times., says Mr. Edelman.

"We have successfully used this technology as part of our technical support procedure for the last six months and have seen a reduction in support call duration by as much as 40%".

Free 30-day trials of these two products are available from

About PlanetDNS
PlanetDNS, a division of NewAce Corporation has been providing reliable Dynamic DNS and related services since 2001. Its products and services are used by individuals and small to medium-sized organizations as a cost-effective alternative to expensive dedicated Internet access. For more information, visit the PlanetDNS Web Site at

About NewAce Corporation
NewAce Corporation applies value-added technologies to the process of bringing new information systems and services to global markets. For more information, visit the NewAce Corporation Web Site at

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