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Monday June 24, 2024
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Press Release - August 5, 2001

NewAce Corporation
P.O. Box #456 STN MAIN
Sarnia, ON N7T 7J4


Sarnia, ON, August 5, 2001 - NewAce Corporation today revealed its Windows® based dynamic DNS client software.

The dynamic DNS client software is a companion component to its global dynamic DNS service, launched earlier this month. This enabling technology allows individuals or businesses to utilize standard dial-up and high-speed Internet access technologies -such as cable modem and xDSL- to become content providers.

"Using this technology, individuals and businesses can turn their home-computers into Internet servers, allowing [them] to run any kind of server, including a web server, mail server, or even an FTP server. Without this technology, this would only be possible using expensive dedicated Internet access", says Andre Edelman, President & CEO of NewAce Corporation.

Unlike the aged technologies used by many of its competitors, NewAce's dynamic DNS client has been designed to utilize the latest technologies, including recent developments in dynamic update and XML (eXtensible Markup Language), providing unsurpassed performance, reliability and extensibility.

Its unique modular approach allows the client software's functionality to be seamlessly extended simply by adding appropriate "plug-in" modules. A web server and mail server plug-in module will be released later next month. "The modular approach allows a user to select only those components that he or she wishes to use, improving reliability and keeping the resource requirements to an absolute minimum", says Mr. Edelman.

About PlanetDNS
PlanetDNS, a division of NewAce Corporation has been providing reliable Dynamic DNS and related services since 2001. Its products and services are used by individuals and small to medium-sized organizations as a cost-effective alternative to expensive dedicated Internet access. For more information, visit the PlanetDNS Web Site at

About NewAce Corporation
NewAce Corporation applies value-added technologies to the process of bringing new information systems and services to global markets. For more information, visit the NewAce Corporation Web Site at

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