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Monday June 24, 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions
Internet Name

What is an Internet/Domain Name?

If you have a DSL, cable, wireless, satellite, LAN, or dial-up connection to the Internet, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will assign your computer an IP (Internet Protocol) address each time you connect to the Internet. An IP address is a long series of numbers that identifies your computer on the Internet. Through your IP address, other computer users can locate you on the Internet and exchange data (e.g. sending or receiving e-mail and surfing the Internet).

A basic Internet connection through an ISP works fine if all you want to do is surf the Internet, download files and read your e-mail from your computer. However, if you would like others to be able to connect to your computer, they would have to know what your computer's current IP address is. Not only is your numerical address difficult to remember, but your ISP will typically change it each time you connect to the Internet. It would be like having a new phone number every time you picked up the receiver. So, your challenge is to create a convenient and reliable way for others to reach you on the Internet.

PlanetDNS Client software offers the ideal solution, by constantly linking your computer's IP address to an Internet name that you choose. Now, others can find you by using your easy-to-remember name, instead of a numeric address. Best of all, your domain name will always stay the same, since PlanetDNS Client automatically tracks your computer's location on the Internet – no matter how frequently your IP address changes.

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