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Monday June 24, 2024
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PlanetRemote Plus Edition 2.0

PlanetRemote Plus Edition PlanetRemote™ is a unique software application that enables you to take control of your computer remotely and interact with its desktop as if you were sitting right in front of it!

You can take control of your computer from any other computer connected to your local network or over the Internet using either a web browser or the PlanetRemote viewer application included with this product.

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What's New
Product Comparison

Version 2.0 includes the following new features:

File Transfer
  • File upload and download capability using a web browser.

  • Access all local, removable and network drives remotely.

  • Explorer-style navigation interface allows you to view files in the familiar List, Icons, Details, and Filmstrip styles.

Security Enchancements
  • Remote control connections and successive login failures are now logged by host, IP address, date and time.

  • Allows you to restrict remote access to your computer by specific subnets or IP addresses.

  • Mandatory password protection ensures that only authorized users can access your computer remotely.

  • Automatically restrict computers with excessive password failures.

  • Set up to 3 different notifications that indicate a remote connection has been established on your computer (do nothing, change icon color with XP style balloon popup, and have user acknowledge connection).
Generic Support Center
  • Easily setup your own support center allowing your customers to simply click a link on their desktop to hand over control of their computer to you. This is an ideal solution for consultants, network adminstrators and other I.T. professionals.

  • No router or firewall configuration is necessary on your customer's computer.
PlanetRemote Viewer
  • Easily view all computers on your local area network that has the PlanetRemote software installed and connect to them using their assigned name (must have Station Locator™ service enabled in the software).

  • Check to see what the status is on each of the computers (i.e. running, offline, etc)
Revised User-Interface
  • New look-and-feel with our own custom icons

  • Global user-interface used across our entire product line presents a familiar and friendly look-and-feel

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