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Monday June 24, 2024
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Time Sync Plug-in

Time Sync Plug-In Automatic synchronization of your computer's clock to any available time server on the Internet.

This module makes use of seven (7) predefined time servers and uses them in the order of the least packet round-trip delay time.

The listed time servers are ordered in increasing measured round-trip delay and then tried in order until a successful NTP connection can be established.

Your computer is synchronized every hour, or whenever your disconnect and reconnect back to the Internet.

Download Install Now
60 KB
More Information
Online Help

Module Name: mshtime
Description: NTP Time Synchronization
Release Date: November 29, 2004
     Includes Help File: Yes
Publisher: NewAce Corporation
Status: Release
Size: 60 KB
Requires: PlanetDNS Client v1.10 or higher
Download URL: Click Here (select Open if prompted)
Screenshot: NTP Time Synchronization

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