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Wednesday May 29, 2024
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Routers and Firewalls Tutorial

Online Tutorials

Router Setup Overview

If you have a router installed, it will need to be configured to allow you to control the PlanetRemote-enabled computer over the Internet or LAN from another computer.

Why Does my Router Need to be Configured?
All routers are pre-configured at the factory to prevent computers on the Internet from accessing your computer directly. To allow Internet access to the PlanetRemote-enabled computer, certain router ports need to be opened. The process of establishing the appropriate connections between the Internet and your LAN computers is typically referred to as Port Forwarding (Linksys), Virtual Servers (D-Link) and Pinholes and may be completed by using your router's control panel.

Port Forwarding (Virtual Servers, Pinholes)
Port forwarding (also called Virtual Servers and Pinholes) allows all incoming Internet computer traffic direct access to your computer by opening a specific port on your router.

As noted on the Ports used by PlanetRemote page, PlanetRemote uses router TCP ports 6600 and 6700 to access a single computer. The router will need to be configured to open TCP ports 6600 and 6700 and direct any Internet traffic to the PlanetRemote-enabled computer.

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